How Tall Should Your Retaining Wall Be

It can be tough to decide on the height of your retaining wall. Despite this, the height may be determined by the need of a permit. Plus, the need for a permit should only be necessary when a project is more than 5 feet tall. To be sure, you should check with your city concerning the codes governing the height of a retaining wall.

The Height Of A Retaining Wall

In most cases, the retaining wall will not need to be more than four feet tall. This is especially true where a city or a location governs the height and may need a permit to be taller.

You should also think about the purpose of the retaining wall and if it will help to alleviate erosion or flooding.

Is a Permit Required for a Tall Retaining Wall

When your retaining wall is going to be taller than 4 feet, your need for a permit will vary upon the regulations set by your local city or county. It may also be decided by the type of land you plan to use the retaining wall for.

Retaining Wall Depth

With the base of the wall, it needs to be no less than four inches deep. Regardless of what material you use for the retaining wall, a layer of the wall should be buried deep. By burying it, your wall will remain secure and unable to slide when the weather turns bad.

Height of a Wood Retaining Wall

For a retaining wall made of wood, it too should be kept at around four feet due to your area’s regulations. Not only regulations, but when your retaining wall is taller, it will require additional support. This support will become expensive eventually if it ends up failing. When you feel you need a tall wall, you should be in touch with your city government to find out which codes you should follow when you get permits.

Sturdiness of Wood Retaining Walls

As far as sturdiness is concerned, a wood retaining wall can be a great material when the wood is a hardy type. Plus, when the wall is built just right, it has the potential to last for years and not need any maintenance.

When you plan to have a retaining wall for your landscaping, keep in mind the height limit. That way you will always be within code. If you are in need of assistance with measuring your retaining wall, get a hold of us today.


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