Cambridge Wallstone Systems

Cambridge Wallstone Systems can add a structural or aesthetic element to your outdoor design. Also available are column kits, steps and stair treads, Cambridge Wallstone Systems Distributor | Suffolk | Nassau | Long Islandallowing you to add character to your project.

We offer the assortment of Cambridge Wallstone Systems on the market today here at Island Block & Masonry Supply. Choose from several styles in colors that match or complement your Cambridge Pavingstones to complete your landscape design.

What can you make with these wallstone systems? Freestanding walls, knee walls, sitting walls, planters, garden borders, tree rings, retaining walls, columns and much more. Walls can be short or tall, straight, curved or circular. Cambridge Wallstone systems can be used in conjunction with Cambridge barbeque and fire pit kits, built-in outdoor kitchens and refreshment bars to create a functional and fun outdoor oasis.

MaytRx Wall: Cambridge MaytRx Wall Systems This double-sided, multi-face system is available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 3 ft. high. It can be engineered for walls of any height or length. The 3 and 6 are versatile and can be applied to almost any project, and four different double-sided wall stones- A, B, X and Y- offer four different sizes. Build freestanding and retaining walls as well as steps, columns and more. Caps are also available.

Pyzique Wall: Cambridge Pyzique Wall Systems Also double-sided, the Pyzique system is available in Split Face and Renaissance Stone for walls up to 3 ft. high. No mortar required! One wall unit creates wall, corner and cap. The Pyzique system is applicable to a variety of projects, such as freestanding walls, knee walls around patios and retaining walls up to 3 ft. high in straight and curved designs. You can also design tree rings and garden borders, raised patios, sitting walls, and steps.

VyKing Wall: Cambridge VyKing Wallstones This system was originally created for use in the large, commercial Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) market, but VyKing single-sided wallstones are also fit for residential projects. Available in Split Face and Renaissance in 6″ and 8″ heights with manufactured corners, the VyKing system is ideal for taller, engineered retaining walls.

Ledgestone Wall: Cambridge Ledgestone Wall
A natural looking, rock face with bold ridges and deep clefts defines Cambridge Ledgestone Wallstones. This system perfectly complements the popular Cambridge Ledgestone Pavingstone Collection.

Olde English Wall: Cambridge Olde English Wall Systems Distressing on all surfaces distinguishes this double-sided modular unit from the rest.

Sigma Wall Systems: Cambridge Olde English Wall SystemsThe Sigma gives you the freedom to create an engineered design for walls of any height or length.