• How to build a raised patio with retaining wall blocks

    If your home’s patio looks like it could benefit from a little design, then incorporating a raised patio is the perfect project to undertake. Plus, incorporating retaining wall blocks will provide extra support and strength. The raised patio is simple and adds functional outdoor space through stairs, curves, and corners. The Building Process The first […]

  • How To Use Gravel In Your Landscaping

    Whether you are looking for ideas to enhance your yard or create a better curb appeal, using gravel will be able to help freshen up your entire landscaping. If you are planning for a look that is unique, then the following methods will be perfect. Incorporate Gravel Among Plants That Resist Drought Developing a gravel […]

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Mulch

    When the months start to cool, it is important to have mulching in mind to get your garden ready. Mulching is a method used to layer organic matter on top of soil and consists of either wood chips or grass clippings. Mulching plays an important role for many reasons such as the five listed below. […]

  • What type of retaining wall lasts the longest

    When your landscape has a retaining wall, it can make your patio look even better among dips, gardens, or slopes. Plus, when retaining walls are constructed properly, it is able to keep soil held and decrease the chances of erosion or collapse. A retaining wall is normally permanent and constructed with concrete, wood, stone, or […]

  • How Tall Should Your Retaining Wall Be

    It can be tough to decide on the height of your retaining wall. Despite this, the height may be determined by the need of a permit. Plus, the need for a permit should only be necessary when a project is more than 5 feet tall. To be sure, you should check with your city concerning […]

  • Why Would a Retaining Wall Fail

    A retaining wall is an important part of landscaping that can help maintain it when there are hills or if it has steepness. The retaining wall helps to keep the features of the property in place.It also helps keep erosion at bay and redirect any water that may be present. However, if a retaining wall […]