What type of retaining wall lasts the longest

When your landscape has a retaining wall, it can make your patio look even better among dips, gardens, or slopes. Plus, when retaining walls are constructed properly, it is able to keep soil held and decrease the chances of erosion or collapse.

A retaining wall is normally permanent and constructed with concrete, wood, stone, or brick. The retaining wall is used to keep the landscaping looking good.

Having a lot of aesthetics allows a retaining wall to be both functional and pleasing. Despite this, it is important to know how long the retaining wall lasts and which type. The amount of time that a retaining wall lasts can be decided on what material is used and what the soil is like. In any case, the wall may last for hundreds of years. It is important to consider your material and if any maintenance is needed that will help keep the retaining wall performing well.

When you are looking to have your retaining wall last, it is necessary to have a material used that is known to last, such as the 4 materials listed below.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

When concrete blocks are used, they will interlock and provide a good amount of durability, support, and structure. They will last a long time and will even last for more than 25 years. A gravel base will usually be supporting them no matter how much pressure is on them. You can ensure that your retaining wall will be sturdy and stable.

Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

Although a poured concrete retaining wall is no different than a concrete block wall, they are completely different in appearance. Having poured concrete allows it to be poured into the position of the wall and then allowed to set. This wall results in a high amount of strength due to a much denser characteristic. However, there may be some damage if chemicals come into contact or cracking takes place.

Wood Retaining Walls

Although wood is an appealing material to use, their strength may not be as equal to concrete. Plus, you can expect the wood to eventually rot as time goes by. However, in order for the wood to remain long-lasting it should be treated for use outdoors. When treatment is maintained, the wood can resist the outdoor conditions in order to last for years.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

When you want to have your retaining wall blend in with your landscaping, then the use of natural stone will be feasible. When a retaining wall is made from natural stone it will provide a dependable wall that will outlast many other types. Despite the higher cost, the investment will be worth it in the long run.

Having many types of retaining walls that will last is great. You will enjoy the high amount of durability and solidness. While the walls listed above will last for years, the natural stone and concrete will last the longest. When you are deciding on which material to use for your retaining wall, get a hold of us to discuss your options.


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