5 Options for Driveway Pavers

The home’s driveway is the perfect way for an impression to be made. Plus, the driveway is probably the first place where opinions are made about a home. Because of this, there have been a number of different driveway paver designs coming to light that are becoming more popular such as the five listed below.

The Permeable Paver

When you are in need of a driveway that stands out from the rest while being ecological, then the permeable paver will do the trick. Being permeable permits water to soak through it and enter the soil beneath it. This paver can also filter contaminants that would otherwise get into the water supply.

The Rustic Pure Paver

With the pure paver, your driveway will have a rustic feel to go along your rustic landscape. With a similarity of cobblestone, it is able to cover a larger area. There are a multitude of colors available and you can mix and match them with other elements. This paver is also a great addition to permeable uses. These permeable uses allow proper drainage of water.

Diamond Paver Design

A diamond shaped paver is capable of catching attention and making others turn their heads towards your driveway.This diamond design is a nice addition to modern design and creates a design that is both flexible and creative. With a linear pattern, the paver is able to create an effect similar to a cube and will have many stares in amazement.

Keeping it Sleek

When you enjoy modernism, then having a sleek paver will bring out the best uniformity and texture. With this type of paver being modern allows it to be minimalistic, clean-lined, and hard-edged. Being sleep also provides a smoothness unseen with any other paver. This allows your driveway to achieve a look that is unified no matter how limited the joint space is.

The Traditional Paver

When you are able to keep the paver traditional, it is able to provide a great amount of charm that nobody is able to deny. With just the aesthetic, it will remind you of home. Pair with a landscape that is also traditional and your entire driveway will have an appeal that is timeless. This paver design is also intended to last while appearing as a traditional paver.

Find Your Design Today

Having many driveway paver options enables you to take advantage of various designs. The designs you use can be simplistic or rustic and the outcomes can become a head-turner. In order to see what else can turn heads, get in touch with us and find out.


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