Uni Eco-Stone®

Uni Eco-Stone visually appealing and highly effective.

Uni Eco-Stone allows maximum drainage while maintaining a driveable surface. Unlike solid paving surfaces which negatively impact the environment, storm drainage systems, and property through storm water runoff, Uni Eco-Stone allows natural drainage and migration of water into the earth below.
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Standard Finish

Standard Finish

Washed Finish

Washed Finish

Brushed Finish

Brushed Finish

Shapes & Sizes

Uni Eco-Stone


22.86 cm x 11.43 cm x 7.94 cm

9.00″ x 4.50″ x 3.13″

Commercial Vehicular
Residential Vehicular

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Unit Thickness Sq. Ft. Bndl. Units Sq. Ft. Lbs Bndl. Units Bndl.
Uni Eco-Stone
7.94 67 3.66 2445 245

Additional Uni Eco-Stone® Information

Special order from standard colors. Sold in full bundles only. 40-50 bundle minimum order required. This product is optimized for mechanical installation.

Uni Eco-Stone allows for maximum drainage while maintaining a drivable surface. Controlled gaps between the stones allow naturaldrainage and migration of rain water into the earth below. Base preparation must conform to environmental standards. Base Requirement & Bedding Course – open – graded paver base specification. Handling and Installation– A protective pad is recommended when doing the final paver compaction. Care must be taken toavoid tossing stones so that they bang against each other. Damage to the surface appearance can happen if handled too rough. Installed mechanically or by hand. Jointing Material and Joint Stabilization – permeable

  • Use only select graded stone chips for void filling
  • Unilock EasyPro


  • Product may be sealed but it is not absolutely required
  • Unilock Unicare, Surebond, BP Pro and Techniseal sealers can be used.
  • Select type for desired aesthetics.
  • Product must be cleaned before sealing.

Cleaners – Any paver cleaner may be used for color restoration or general cleaning. Follow manufacturer’s dilution rates and application procedures.

All measurements are nominal
All measurements are nominal

Colors, product data, and availability are subject to change without notice. Please confirm all details with your local Unilock Dealer or call 1-800-UNILOCK (1-800-864-5625) for availability in your area. The colors shown should only be used as a guide. Final color selections should always be made from actual samples.