How Pavers Survive the Tri State’s Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Punxsutawney Phil told us that there’s six more weeks of winter now added onto what seems like an already lengthy frigid season. Between the shovels, snow-blowers, de-icers, and sprinkling salt on your driveway, walkway and steps, there is a lot for homeowners in the Northeast to take care of when it comes to the snowy season.

Blizzards and snowstorms are all too common in the tri state area, and many residents worry their de-icing practices, shovels and other tools lead to a lot of wear and tear on their property — particularly their “paved” areas.

Hardscaping design is cost-effective and surprisingly affordable for those looking to make an investment in their home that ups curb appeal while minimizing overall maintenance over a lifetime. When you have a hardscaping feature installed on your property, you of course want to protect your investment.

Worrying about how snow and freezing temperatures are affecting your pavers shouldn’t be something homeowners need to fixate on with everything else required to keep a house running — and there’s reason it should be: pavers are freeze/thaw friendly.

Concrete and other materials don’t have the “give” that paving stones are designed to have. Because with a full slab, concrete or otherwise, there is no breathing room, so to speak.

The interlocking individual concrete bricks are denser than concrete, which means they are more durable than concrete slabs. Concrete is more likely to crack as a result of weather changes. Pavers flex along with the freeze/thaw cycle.

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