Pavers vs. Asphalt

While many homeowners in the tri state area have chosen to have paving stone patios, outdoor fireplaces and pool coping installed in their backyard, but when it comes to the front of the house, that literal (and figurative) curb appeal comes before all else, especially when it is time for you to sell your home.

While concrete and asphalt are somewhat durable and the cost is affordable, they require frequent maintenance and repairs and have nothing on paving stone driveways in terms of appearance. Paver driveways make a huge visual impact and are made to withstand the severe winters of the northeast, so pavers have the capacity to make it through a lifetime of freeze/thaw cycles unscathed.

If a paver does break or become otherwise damaged, repairs are simple and easy- just pop out the affected paver(s) and replace it with a new ones. We always recommend to order a few extra pavers so you have them on hand in instances where a quick replacement is required.

The material you choose to use for your front or back property should be a careful decision, and several things factor into what makes your ultimate choice the best for your home. Who wants to look at their cracked driveway day after day, and pay to repair it frequently? Interlocking paving stones offer a variety of positive advantage when compared with other materials.

Asphalt allows moisture to penetrate, which often leads to cracks and other issues requiring maintenance and posing a risk to the safety of children and company. These weak spots can go from a small fracture to a huge crack or pothole rather quickly, so it’s imperative to act fast as soon as you notice damage.

With paving stones, it’s nearly impossibly for cracks to occur due to the porous nature of the manufactured material. When damage happens, a replacement of a stone or two is usually all that’s required.

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