Year-Round Outdoor Features

In our last post, we talked about ways that you can design your outside space to be used year round. While we talked about outdoor kitchens, fire tables and fire pits, and pavilions already, there are still a few things you can add to our outdoor area if you’re looking to use it throughout the seasons.

Here are a few more ideas for how to use your outdoor space even in the colder, winter months.

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Just about everyone is a fan of pizza, but this classic meal tastes even better when cooked in a full pizza oven. In the summer, a pizza oven in your backyard makes an excellent addition to backyard parties or a simple meal by the pool. But an outdoor pizza oven is another item that can be used no matter the season.

For professional tasting pizzas, breads, or other dishes all year round, place your outdoor pizza oven in a place that is easy to access even in snow or rain. Off a patio or other paved space is the best idea.

Outdoor Fireplace

If you’re looking to create an entire outdoor living area, an outdoor fireplace makes an excellent choice. Unlike a fire pit or table, a fireplace can create a focal point to your backyard area while also providing warmth and comfort to the outdoors.

Just like the fire pits or fire tables that we talked about last weekend, an outdoor fireplace can keep you and your guests warm when the nights start to get colder. This beautiful addition to a Tri State Area backyard area can extend the use of your outdoor space for a few weeks or months.

Having to close down an outdoor space that you love can be one of the saddest parts of the end of the summer. But with the features we’ve described, you can continue to use your backyard area for more of the year.

If you want some additional tips on how to create an outdoor space you can use into the spring, fall, or even winter months, contact Island Block & Masonry Supply. Our Long Island location makes us easily accessible to the entire Tri State Area.


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