Why Pavers Are the Perfect Solution for Small Yards

Did you know that pavers can be the ideal solution for creating a patio, planters, pathways, and other creative spaces in your small yard? Pavers have a number of advantages over other materials such as concrete. Here are a few of the reasons why pavers are the perfect solution for your small spaces.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Getting Pavers into the Space

With cement, you often have to deal with either getting a full-sized mixing truck in your backyard or you have to get one of the smaller hand mixers in there. This may mean carrying equipment through your home, which can get the space dirty. With pavers, that’s not necessarily the issue. It’s much easier to get all of your materials and tools into the space and make use of them without feeling as if you’re bumping into each other.

Pavers Come in Various Sizes

If you have a small space, you can purchase small pavers to fill it. On the other hand, you could buy large pavers and quickly create a patio with only a few dozen. You can even mix and match the pavers to create a unique patio. Doing so can even make the space look larger than it actually is. You can take advantage of this optical illusion to make the space look roomier and more spacious.

You Can Easily Scale Down Projects

If you want to make a paver project that’s too large for your space, simply remove some of the pavers. For example, if you want to make a raised planter for flowers, but the ones you’ve seen are too big for your space, just remove some of the pavers in the center. Make it five paver stones long instead of ten. You can easily change the width, depth, and height of any paver project just by removing or adding pavers. For your small yard, scale back until the project fits the space.


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