Tips for Keeping Your Patio Clean

Keeping your patio clean is a task many people believe they only need to do during the warmer seasons, but you need to make sure your patio is clean all year around. By keeping the space nice and clean, you not only have a great view but you also ensure that your patio isn’t going to be damaged as easily. Here are a few tips for keeping your patio pavers, outdoor cooking area, fire pit, and furniture nice and clean.

Build it Using the Right Materials

Keeping your patio clean actually starts with building it using the correct materials. There are a number of different pavers and stones out there, but not all of them are designed to resist the weather. You want to make certain that the pavers you’ve selected are going to stand up to the weather you get in your area, especially if you tend to see high amounts of rain or very cold temperatures.

Regularly Sweep Away Debris and Garbage

If your patio tends to collect fallen leaves, cut grass, and other debris, make sure you regularly sweep all of that off of it. Otherwise, this debris can pile up and trap water underneath it. That water may sit on your patio for days or weeks, slowly seeping into any cracks and causing mold to start to grow. If you have any wooden parts to your patio, any trapped moisture can lead to wood rot. Also wash off your patio after you sweep it if it’s during the warmer months. Don’t do this if there’s a chance it could freeze, though—the water could freeze inside any small cracks, making them wider.

Take Care of your Furniture

If you know the weather is going to get bad, take time to pull your patio furniture into the garage or put it up against the house so that it won’t get blown over. While it likely won’t damage the patio itself, your furniture could get damaged. The cushions could also get blown away or ripped apart. Take your umbrella down if you have one, or at least close it.

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