Tips for Decorating with Pavers

Do you want to add some unique decorations to the exterior of your home but aren’t sure what? If you’re not big into flowers and don’t want to add plastic flamingos or other items to your yard, why not try pavers? Here are a few ways you can decorate using these stones.

Make Unique Patterns

You don’t need to place the pavers in straight lines all the time. Instead, think about other ways you can lay them. You can alternate placing them at different angles to each other. You can even lay them out in curves or make a large circle out of rectangular pavers with some careful planning. If you mix in different colors and shapes, you can even create fun mosaics!

Leave Large Spaces Between Pavers for Grass to Grow

When most people think of paver patios or walkways, they imagine the pavers placed closely together so no grass grows between them. While that’s definitely a good option for some spaces, another option is to use large pavers and leave large spaces between them. This will create a unique space with a very different look to it. You will, of course, need to mow it occasionally.

Put an Edge Around the Driveway or Sidewalk

You may not feel like removing your cement driveway or sidewalks to create paver ones, but you can still use pavers to make these spaces more decorative. Just dig trenches around the edge of your cement and put in a single row of pavers. This creates a unique edge that adds a pop of color.

Don’t Be Symmetrical

If you really want to go crazy, don’t place your pavers down in any pattern at all. Place them haphazardly around the area you want to use for seating to create a very odd yet interesting look. Again, this type of paver design may require mowing occasionally if you don’t fill in the spaces between the pavers (and it looks much better if you don’t!).

There’s so much you can do with pavers! If you need any ideas or have questions about how to use pavers, contact Island Block & Masonry Supply today.


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