Springtime Paving Stone Issues

There are numerous environmental advantages of having a paving stone driveway or patio as opposed to concrete or asphalt, but being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to tolerate everything nature produces, especially when it affects the beauty and function of your pavers.

It’s well into spring in the tri-state area, everything is blooming, and we have definitely waited long enough for some nice weather with the horrible winter we endured. Though pavers that have been installed appropriately won’t be threatened by weeds easily, there is a still a chance that problems can crop up- no pun intended.

The first step to any paving stone project that keeps its integrity in the long term is purchasing the right products. The experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply will work with you to determine the appropriate products for your outdoor remodeling project, increasing the likelihood that your new project will last long term and won’t be susceptible to damage from weed growth and other issues, such as the harsh winter weather that we often experience in the tri state area.

Here are a few steps to prevent any damage to your paver driveway, patio, pathway or other paving stone project.

Install pavers on sloped land.

Driveways, pathways and patios alike don’t have to be on a huge incline in order to reap the benefits of being “sloped.” Slope allows rainwater to run off the edge, discouraging weed growth, since weeds like warm, damp environments.

Sweep the pavers regularly.

Swipe a brush across your pavers on a regular basis to seedlings from settling and making a home in between your paving stones.

Rip existing weeds out.

If weeds begin to sprout between the paver joints, power-wash them away or rip them out, just be sure to be them out completely to avoid regrowth.

There are certain sands available that will help prevent weeds from sprouting; consult with Island Block & Masonry Supply to learn about the different options.

We are happy to help Long Island residents and business people as well as those throughout the tri state area with all of their block and masonry needs. For the last 60 years, we have run a family-oriented business with a strong emphasis on stellar customer service.


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