Retaining the New and Elegant Look of Your Paving Stones

Installing paving stones could be the best decision ever for your driveway, walkways, pool deck and patio. They not only add charm, but also are durable.

Although the paving stones are made with materials meant to last for a long time, it is your responsibility to take care of them in order to maintain their beauty for decades. As a busy home owner, you would want pavers that are easy to maintain.

The spring and summer periods are trickier than any other time. During such times, we all struggle with the same thing—making sure our paving stone installations are clean so that they do not look embarrassing. From the weeds growing between the stones to irritating moss, there are plenty of challenges to keeping paving stones clean.

Remain Clean All Summer

Even after you’ve done the cleaning, you will want them to retain their pristine appearance throughout the summer. Who has the time to keep scrubbing paving stones when you and your kids have a million items on your summer to-do list?

Let’s have a look at how to keep your paving stones beautiful all summer long:

Use a broom to sweep the pavers

Just spotted some dirt on your pavers that is messing up their attractive look? Well, go grab that broom and kick out the dirt and debris. It is recommendable to always sweep your pavers because once some debris get wet, they can stain the paving stones, leading to tougher cleaning in the near future.

Use polymeric sand

If you notice weeds growing between your paving stones, that could be a wakeup call to add some polymeric sand.

This assists in two major ways:

  • It stops weeds from cropping up between the stones
  • It destroys a habitat for the bugs that may have found their way to your house

Cracks between paving stones can also be used by ants as a path to your house. A trip to any store for some polymeric sand could be the solution you need.

Use a paver cleaning solution

When your paving stones become stained, all you have to do is grab a bucket and fill it with water and soap. This solution may be simple, but it is powerful enough to wash out the stain. Take a good rag or sponge and dip it into the solution. Then start your cleaning process on the identified spot. Remember that different cleaning solutions will be required for various types of stains.

Do not always be quick to replace your paving stones when they look dirty and tired. Some simple cleanup techniques may be all that you need to retain their elegance.


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