Cambridge Engraved Custom Pavingstones

Cambridge Engraved Custom Pavingstones

Personalization That Lasts a Lifetime

Cambridge Pavingstones can be customized with a name or message that’s deeply engraved into the surface, then filled with a White Epoxy Grout (EcoTuff) solution or a Black infill (EcoFlex) which holds up to UV light wonderfully and permanently bonds into the letter creating a lasting impression. Two beautiful options when engraving the one pavingstone with Armortec. (Photo to the right was taken at St. Mary’s High School Colorado Springs, CO, our Sahara 4×8 and 12×12 courtesy of Profit Resources)

Custom Pavingstones… the Ideal Fundraiser

Add this incentive and a project cannot only pay for itself but yield
excess funds as well. When the names of those who help are engraved into
the surface of individual pavingstones in a large project, you offer
optimum donor recognition!

Here’s how:

  • Public exposure is maximized.
  • Identification is permanent and prestigious.

An Idea That is Unmatched
as a Fundraiser

Here’s why:

  • The recognition becomes an integral part of the project being funded.
  • Cambridge
    Pavingstones with ArmorTec are maintenance-free.
  • Engraved pavers attract
    interest in the project.
  • Participation is easy, convenient and ongoing,
    even after the installation is completed.

For your own personalization of Cambridge Pavingstones or for a fundraising
incentive, information and assistance is available from your Authorized
Cambridge Distributor.