Paving Stones Provide Quality Designs, Affordable Repair

Many people may drive past a home with a beautiful paving stone driveway, or visit someone with a backyard patio, seating area and fire pit completely made of pavers and be under the impression that paving stones are a significantly expensive, time consuming and high-maintenance undertaking, but none of that is in fact true.

Fairly simple installation, minimal maintenance and overall care and an affordable price tag are just a few of the reasons why people throughout the tri state area choose to hardscape their homes, offices and commercial buildings property with paving stones from one of the fine manufacturers we carry here at Island Block & Masonry Supply on Long Island.

Though the starting cost can be slightly higher than other option like concrete, a wood patio and so on, owners of paving stone hardscaping can expect to spend little in the way of maintenance. There’s no need to seal or stain regularly, and with interlocking pavers, you can remove one paver at a time. This makes repairs simple, and perhaps most important of all, time and cost efficient.

Just think: for example, when a poured concrete driveway is cracked or damaged, the entire driveway must be repaved, otherwise the shades may not match and it will not look inviting. Paving stones are quite an upgrade from a poured concrete patio. With pavers, you won’t have to worry about your driveway cracking with age — and what homebuyer wants to spend a lot of money on ongoing maintenance.

The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available from the variety of product lines we carry here at Island Block & Masonry, such as Cambridge, Nicolock and Boral, give — residential and commercial — customers plenty of options. Different textures range from a naturally textured stone veneer, to a more smooth ledgestone, and much, more more.

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