Pavers vs Concrete

If you’re thinking about redoing your driveway, the walkways around your house, or your patio, you have two choices: the traditional concrete or the unique options pavers provide. While most people think of pavers as a solution for patios, they can actually be used to make just about any surface. Let’s take a look at these two materials to see which one offers you more.

The Overall Look

Everyone knows what concrete looks like – it’s a dull grey color. You can paint concrete or dye it during mixing, but that’s not a popular design choice. The mixed in color also tends to fade fairly quickly, so to keep the color, you have to redo the area more often.

Pavers, on the other hand, come in a variety of different colors. You can use one continuous color for your walkway or patio, but you also have the choice of mixing various shades or colors to create something visually different. Pavers are also designed to hold the color longer.

Installation and Repair

When it comes to installation, concrete easily wins because all you have to do is level the area, mark it off, and pour the slab. Pavers, on the other hand, must be laid individually and joined together with a material such as polymer sand. It’s much more labor-intensive.

However, this time-consuming process does pay off later. If your concrete driveway becomes cracked and stained, the only thing you can do is replace the entire slab. With pavers, that’s not the case. You simply remove the damaged or stained pavers and replace them. Pavers are incredibly durable, too, so they won’t need repairs that often.

So while you may put more time and work into installing pavers, you spend next to nothing in repairs. With concrete, you have to destroy the entire slab and pour a brand new one.


Pavers are more expensive to install than concrete, especially when you add in the cost of labor. Again, though, this is mostly a one-time upfront cost. You won’t spend that much on repairs or maintenance. With concrete, you’ll have to spend around the same amount of money every time you have to replace the slab.

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