Paver Patio Problems To Be Aware Of

When you plan to install a patio using a paver but are concerned about problems that may occur, then you should be aware of the most common problems that may occur while using pavers.

The Paver Patio is Sinking

Besides making the paver patio look bad, they can also mean something else is going on. In fact, when an area seems to be sinking, it may be from poor draining that was not taken into consideration as it was being constructed. This problem will need to have the pavers replaced once the issue is corrected. If it is not a drainage issue, then the base may just need to be prepared properly.

Patio is not Draining Properly

If the issue is with drainage, then the underlying soil will erode. As erosion takes place, the paver may experience cracking. When the pavers are sunken down it can cause pooling. This pooling can also take place when there is an incorrect pitch. When the pitch is wrong, then areas will always experience water collection.

Having poor drainage may also develop into other issues. Some of these other issues may include the patio being washed away during heavy rain instead of being drained away out of the landscaping.

This drainage issue is avoidable if a drainage plan is implemented. This plan is critical so that you know where the water will go.

Weeds Begin to Grow

A big issue to be aware of is when weeds begin to grow when you do not lay the proper material that prevents weed growth. To avoid this issue, you should have polymeric sand applied into the patio joints. By having polymeric sand applied using additives and mixing water to it will help bind it to the paver and prevent weed growth.

Laying a geotextile fabric is also advisable to prevent weed growth after it is installed beneath the pavers. This material will prevent weeds from growing through and keeps the base of the patio strong if soft areas exist.

Trip Hazards Exist

When the paver patio is uneven, then trips can easily occur and lead to injury. If this is the case, then the lay out of the patio base will need to be addressed. The compacting of the ground may not be sufficient in order to have the pavers laid and thus causing some to become uneven or sunk and ultimately cause a trip to take place.

The Edge Leans

When the edge is not solid along the patio’s perimeter, the patio pavers could separate and begin leaning. There needs to be an edge in order for the pavers to be stationary and in one spot.

In order for the edging to be a success, the installation needs to be done properly beginning at the patio base. The edge also needs to extend out a few inches and have a solid foundation.

Should You Be Concerned About These Paver Patio Issues?

Although the above issues are true issues that could have been avoided during the construction of the patio, it is important to know that they are repairable. By contacting Island Block MFG today, your paver patio will have a fresh look and be fully functional again.


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