Making a Statement with Paving Stones

For those tri state homeowners with artistic inclinations, there is no outdoor remodeling choice better than paving stones. With the use of large, small, textured and smooth stones, you can create a look that’s all your own. In addition to the beautiful area the stones lend to your outdoor space, pavers are popular choices for artsy types because they don’t break the bank.

Want to make statement? Install pavers in a mosaic pattern in any area of your property. A popular choice is often driveway, as it can add greatly to curb appeal since it is one of the first things people notice when they drive by your house, or arrive there for an outdoor barbecue this summer!

Less obvious are backayrd patios and side walkways. But just because something isn’t visible immediately upon arrival doesn’t mean it’s not as worthy of investment.

Few outdoor design elements are more beautiful and stately than a courtyard, and paving stones are a surefire way to achieve the courtyard look easily, and they are surprisingly cost effective. One of the most attractive aspects of courtyard pavers are the easiness with which pavers can be replaced.

While the products we offer at our Long Island showroom are of the utmost quality, there are times when it is necessary to replace damaged stones. Leaving grass to peek up between each paver adds a natural element to the entire design, while the large paving stones keep the look modern and low maintenance for homeowners with more contemporary tastes.

Tiering a retaining wall and adding steps to its side to lead the eye (and company) to an area of your home is a popular way to add some serious curb appeal to houses that may have been a bit lackluster before the addition.

Whether the structures frame the front yard area and lead to the front door, or bring company around toward the back yard gate, these project elevate your home in more ways than one.


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