Large Stones in Small Places

When we’re talking pavers, it may be surprising to some that bigger is better — but it’s because contemporary designs are trending that way. Patio pavers have been increasing in size over the last few years. As different modern design aesthetic emerge, the classic paver styles of cobble and tumbled brick pavers are still popular, but there are so many styles of pavers that there’s room for all.

Those who reside in traditional neighborhoods may find themselves drawn to the classic choices, but as long as HOA rules aren’t as issue, homeowners have a wide array of choices in terms of paving stones and for-assembly kits, such as column kits, outdoor fire pit kits and similar products.

Fans of a modernized look like to complement the architecture of their home with smooth, wide pavers. Texture in these designs tends to be flat and even, as distressed and tumbled stone is a favorite for lovers of tradition.

To some, the use of larger pavers makes smaller outdoor spaces give the illusion of being bigger. In the past, the assumption was that small spaces should have small furniture, flooring that was narrow and/or short and no tall decor. Now, people like to amp up their small spaces with bigger furniture and the like, giving the room or outdoor area a more grandiose appearance.

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