How Durable Are Pavers?

Creating a paver patio, paver driveway, or other structure using these small stones has a number of benefits. One of the many reasons people like to use pavers is because they’re very durable. If you have never used pavers before, you may not know exactly how long they last. Let’s take a look at just how durable they are.

Pavers Are Made to Last for Years

Pavers are made out of concrete, and they’re designed to last for a very long time. Each paver is very durable, and because it’s a smaller surface, it’s not as easy to damage. Large slabs of concrete, on the other hand, will begin to crack within a fairly short amount of time because that entire slab is under stress. The larger surface area means it’s easier for damage to occur.

Weather and Tree Roots Don’t Damage Small Pavers as Easily

When a root gets under a concrete slab, it can begin to push a small part of that slab upward. This will cause cracks and make the surface uneven. When it does the same thing to a paver patio, only a few stones are affected. You can easily repair this by taking those stones up and leveling the space again. You may not even need to cut the root if it’s deep enough. Just level out the dirt that it displaced and put the stones back down.

Water that freezes in cracks can also damage concrete. Again, pavers don’t have this issue. If ice has pushed your pavers out of alignment, just reposition them. Because paver patios aren’t a large, connected surface, they also endure earthquakes better. A sudden shift in the ground won’t stress the overall patio—it just moves the pavers.

It’s Easy to Make Repairs

There’s another major difference between concrete drives and pavers: if your concrete cracks, you have to replace the entire slab. If a paver breaks, you simply replace that single paver. Between this advantage and the fact that pavers are quite durable on their own, you can see why they make a great patio material. If you want to learn more or have questions, the team here at Island Block & Masonry Supply is here to help. Reach out to us today to get a start on your paver patio.


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