How Can Weather Damage Your Paver Patio?

Over the years, weather can begin to take its toll on your paver patio. While pavers are very durable, they’re not completely indestructible. As they endure the heat, wind, water, ice, and snow, there’s a chance they could become damaged. Here are a few of the ways the weather can cause problems for your paver patio.

The Patio May Become Uneven

If water makes its way between and under your pavers, it can cause them to become uneven. The water makes the soil under the stones less supportive, causing the paver to sink. This creates an uneven surface that can become a tripping hazard. While this may not happen as much to the pavers in the middle of your patio, it can easily affect those that are on the edges. If you see the pavers start to become uneven, you may need to lift them up and add more soil below them.

Pavers Can Crack from Ice

Another risk to your paver patio comes from the freezing temperatures. If moisture gets into a small crack in a paver and then freezes, the expanding ice will make the crack worse. As this repeats over and over, the entire paver may eventually break in two. If you see cracks in your pavers becoming worse, it may be time to replace these damaged pavers. Water may also be able to work its way down in between your pavers, too. When it freezes here, it can push the pavers out of place or cause one to jut upwards, becoming a tripping hazard.

Sunlight Can Dull the Coloring

While it’s not exactly the worst type of damage you may deal with, having your pavers dulled by sunlight does change how your patio looks. What may have originally been a vibrant, colorful space may slowly start looking blander over time. When this happens, you may need to replace the pavers to really restore that vibrant look you wanted. Sometimes, though, simply power washing the pavers will help. While the sun can take its toll, much of the dull look comes from the buildup of dirt and other debris.

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