Eco-Friendly Paving Stones for the Tri State Area

We are very conscious of the environment and our impact on it here at Island Block & Masonry Supply. And our staff, along with our clients and customers, always have an interest in being a friend to environment and installing eco-friendly paving stone projects when it’s appropriate as often as possible. There are various types of paving stones that are friendly to the environment and can help us minimize the carbon footprint we are leaving behind on the Earth for our family for generations to come.

Island Block & Masonry Supply proudly carries several varieties of eco-friendly paving products. Since they are made from porous material, permeable pavers help reduce water pollution even more so than other paver products. Slab or block concrete and regular brick does not allow for reduced water pollution since its surface is not porous. Permeable pavers enable water to flow into the ground below into the water table, limiting stormwater runoff, which usually ends up flowing into sewers, polluting waterways throughout the tri state area.

The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) stated that more and more professionals are choosing permeable interlocking concrete pavers than ever before due to the environmental advantages of the material and its ability to meet low impact development goals.

We carry Unilock pavers here in our showroom and one of the most environmentally friendly collections from the product line is the Uni Eco-Stone. This paver allows for maximum drainage, and it promotes water runoff, which helps the natural ecosystem stay on track and do its job! This permeable paver is also extremely strong and durable, and it has the full capability to handle the weight of large commercial vehicles.

The below Unilock permeable paving products are available at our Long Island showroom. Eco-Priora™; Eco-Optiloc™; Eco-line™; Dura-Mat™; Thornbury™; Town Hall™; Turfstone™; Uni Eco-Stone®.

Everyone here at Island Block & Masonry Supply enjoys working with our customers to help them pick out the products for their project and helping to answer any questions. We help people throughout the tri-state area remodel their outdoor space, so let us help you enhance your property by visiting our showroom.


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