Deciding on the Color of Your Pavers

If you’re ready to build your own paver patio, paver planters, or any other paver project, the first step is deciding what pavers you want to use. You might want large stones for a patio and smaller, almost brick-sized ones for planters. But picking the shape and size is only part of the decision. You also have to pick the color you want. Pavers can come in a wide variety of different colors, so how do you decide? Here are a few tips.

Compliment Your House’s Exterior

If the exterior of your home is brick, you might want to go with pavers that are similar in color, such as a red or a brown. On the other hand, if you have a more colorful home, you could go with something a little brighter and different. If you’d rather your patio not call attention to itself, a nice brown or tan paver is a good option. For a house with a white exterior, you could go with a bolder color and make your patio really pop.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix a few different colors together, too. For example, you could do the outside edges of a patio in one type of paver and the main interior part in a different color, shape, and size. Get creative with it! Any paver project is your chance to really express yourself. Pick the pavers in the sizes, shapes, and colors you like. You can buy several different colors and lay them randomly across the patio, or you can create a pattern.

Match Other Paver Projects

If you have a paver patio already and want to put in some raised flower beds, a fire pit, or build an outdoor kitchen on it, you might want to try to match the color of the pavers already used. This may not be that simple if the pavers were installed years ago. You also have to take into consideration that those pavers may have lost a bit of their color over the years. However, you can find new pavers that compliment the color, or you can go bold and pick pavers that stand out. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

Need Help Picking Pavers?

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