Are Large Paver Projects Impractical?

Do you want to add in a large paver patio that runs the entire length of your home? Maybe you want to build a paver planter fence that goes all around your property. These are fairly large projects, and they’re going to take some time to finish. Is it impractical to build them out of pavers? It isn’t, but these larger paver projects do require a little more thought and work to ensure they’re done correctly.

Large Projects Require More Planning

Creating larger projects may not be impractical, but they do require you to put more thought and planning into it. You’re going to need more materials, for example, so you’re going to need a bigger budget. This means you’ll need to take more time in planning out the exact size of the project and how many pavers you’ll need.

Larger Projects Have More Potential for Problems

Because you’re working on a larger scale, there are more places where something could go wrong. You may find that there are utility lines buried under several parts of your paver patio, planter wall, or other project. That can be okay, but you do want to make certain you don’t dig down into them. It’s a good idea to have a contingency budget just in case something comes up that you were not expecting. The last thing you want is to have your project halfway done for several months because you don’t have the budget to finish it.

It’s not a Weekend DIY

Some paver projects you can complete in a weekend by yourself or with a friend. If you’re doing a larger scale paver project, though, it may take considerably longer. You may also want to bring in more people to help. In some cases, you may even want to hire someone to do the work. For example, creating a large patio with the right pitch to it to ensure water runs away from your home may be a task for a landscape professional.

Large paver projects aren’t impractical at all, but when you’re dealing with any large project, there are extra challenges to prepare for. This would be true if you were building a large patio out of concrete or any other material. The experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply can help you prepare for these extra challenges. Contact us today to discuss your large project.


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