All About Hardscaping

When creating a landscaping for your Tri State Area yard, you’ll want to create a balanced blend of softscaping and hardscaping. While we most often thing of the plants, trees, or shrubs we would like to see go into our landscaping design, the “hardscape” elements are just as important to creating the best finished product.

What are Hardscape Elements?

Hardscape elements of landscaping include those made of materials like concrete, metal, stone, wood, or brick. This may include using stones or bricks to create walls, walkways, or steps.

Hardscape projects may also include metal fences or gates. Hardscaping projects may also include larger projects or items, including patios, gazebos, and decks. Fountains are another popular hardscape element.

Hardscape elements of landscaping are incorporated into the larger theme, plan, or design of the yard. Hardscaping differs from home accents because a hardscape element or project becomes part of the permanent landscape design.


Preparing for a Hardscape Project


Hardscaping can be a difficult. Because these kinds of projects typically include heavy materials and large objects, you will want to be realistic and prepared about the kind of work you will need to complete.

First, you will want to plan your project at the right time of the year. Because most hardscape projects need to be completed outdoors, you’ll want weather conducive for working outside. In the Tri State Area, that usually means in the fall or spring months. Early summer can also be a great time to begin a hardscaping project.

You will also want to know what kind of equipment you will need. Many hardscaping projects will require heavy equipment, which can be expensive and often unnecessary to purchase. If you’re not prepared to make this kind of commitment, you will want to consider renting equipment or hiring a professional to do the job for you.

If you’re looking for professional help on your next hardscaping project, contact the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply on Long Island. In serving the entire Tri State Area, we can provide you with advice or walk you through your next major hardscaping project.


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