Will a Paver Patio Add Value to My Home?

If you’re considering selling your home, you may wonder if installing a paver patio will add to its value. However, that isn’t the question you should be asking. Instead, you really want the answer to two questions: first, will adding a paver patio help you sell your home more quickly, and second, will you recoup the cost of installing the patio.

Do Paver Patios Help Homes Sell?

The answer to this question is almost always a yes. People love outdoor spaces, especially in the parts of the country where it’s normally fairly warm out. The indoor/outdoor living trend in areas such as California practically demands a house have a patio of some type. Even in areas with harsh winters, patios still help sell homes because they can be used during the warmer temperatures. Families with children may be looking for outdoor spaces they can enjoy while the kids play in the yard. Patios also help sell a home to those who enjoy having friends and family over.

What About Value?

Some additions or remodels pay for themselves, while others don’t. Kitchen and bathroom remodels often recoup their costs, while bedroom and living room remodels may not fully pay for themselves. Adding an expensive patio is, unfortunately, in the second category. Fortunately, paver patios are not expensive. By using pavers instead of other methods, you can install a fairly inexpensive patio that can make back what you put into it. If you go all-out and install an outdoor kitchen, pergola, a fire pit, and other extras, you may not recoup 100% of your investment. However, if you stick with a simple paver patio and don’t go overboard, you’ll increase your value and make some money back.

Can Paver Patios Decrease Value?

While adding an outdoor living space can make your home more attractive, there are some mistakes you can make that can actually decrease your value or attractiveness to buyers. If you have a small yard and put in a paver patio that takes up more than half of it, buyers with children or outdoor pets may not see enough green space. A good rule of thumb is that your patio should take up no more than a third of your yard.

Your patio also needs to look like it was meant to be part of the space. If it doesn’t blend in with your home and landscaping, it’s going to look like an afterthought or that it was tacked on to the hope at the last minute.

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