Why Use Stone In your Landscape

When it comes to landscaping your yard, you may have never thought about adding stone into it. However, when you do you are able to achieve an array of effects that will enhance its overall appearance. Below we have a few reasons why you should use stone in your landscape.

Bring in a Dramatic Effect

Your landscaping is expected to have some greenery added to it or have a few flowers or plants throughout. However, the use of stonework should allow you to achieve a bold look that goes beyond your normal paver pathway or stones along the garden’s edge. To bring in a dramatic effect, your landscaping should include boulders in the open.

You can have a good sized stone in your flower beds and gardens to help keep them anchored and add a nice contrast and visual appeal to help alleviate a bland appearance.

The stone can also be individually set that can increase your landscaping’s overall appeal and will have everyone looking. When you work with a landscaper, they will be able to select the perfect stones and have them laid out in the design that is right for you.

Develop Separate Results

When you bring in stone, it can create different results and not cause your landscaping to appear all thrown together. The stone will be able to offer an attractive method in designing your landscaping. In fact, stone can easily add separate results while also blending perfectly.

If the stone is weathered, your garden will be able to have some shape to it, separate the boundary of property, and surround a flower bed. Keep in mind that the stone needs to be blended naturally in order for the perfect aesthetic to be achieved.

Decreased Maintenance Needs

A great attribute about stone is that it does not require maintenance. Stone will never need to have any finishing or treatment added to it and you will not need to replace it after a while. Having stone, your landscaping will have continuous beauty all throughout the year.

Regardless of the type of stone you use, you will have an easy method to bring out the best in your yard.

Eliminates Erosion and Makes Draining Easier

When your yard experiences puddles, then your drainage will need to be as good as possible. This is because if you experience any excess water, then your plants may drown and your landscaping may become flooded.

When you bring in some stone, it can easily alleviate the threat of standing water. When stones are placed, the water can drain freely, easily, and quickly. With rocks placed in the puddle spots, there will be no more worry about puddling.

When you are having an issue with plants being too wet, then you can incorporate your plants in containers that are laid on top of the stones. Your containers can involve various shapes that will add depth and appeal.

When water runoff is an issue, the stone can act as a waterway to help keep excess water away so that your garden and foundation will remain dry.

Plants Can Be Sheltered

When stone is incorporated, your plants will be sheltered from excess cold or heat. This will be extra important during the winter and summer months. As the summer months heat up, the plants can get the perfect amount of heat without being in direct sunlight. Plus, the water that is in the soil will remain cool for the plant roots and without worrying about the plants drying out or dying.


As you can see, the addition of stone can make a beautiful effect on your landscaping. When you are ready to incorporate stone into your yard or landscaping, give us a call today to go over ideas.


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