Why Add Rocks To Your Water Garden

Adding rocks to a water garden can easily create a beautiful water feature and aids the pond in blending with its surroundings. Setting water garden rocks can also conceal the liner of your water garden so that wildlife can be more attracted to it.

How to Add the Rocks

When adding the rocks, it may involve a bit of labor due to them being heavy while positioning and lifting them to obtain your desired appearance.

The first thing you need to do is be prepared with the right tools. These tools include gloves and a wheelbarrow to transport the rock. Once the rock is in your desired area, you can begin positioning them. Having rocks that are flat will allow you to situate them around a pond’s edge to create overhangs. These overhangs will also help keep your pond fish protected.

Using smooth, round rock gives a great appearance to the water´s edge while lizards will enjoy the opportunity to sunbathe.

Add Rocks To Create A Foundation That Is Solid

Adding rock of various sizes can easily work together to create a foundation that is solid. When boulders are used, they can create an attractive definition of a perimeter and the ledges surrounding your water feature.

By layering with gravel, your water garden´s liner will be protected from the sun and any unwanted objects. The rock will also maintain the liner and prevent shifting of the ground.

Gravel rock is able to help other larger rocks remain locked in place. Any gaps will be eliminated so that shifting will be eliminated. It is a good idea to integrate smooth gravel so that the liner will remain protected from damage.

Add Rock To Create An Ecosystem That Is Balanced

By adding rock, you are able to create a water garden ecosystem that is balanced and thriving with bacteria that helps maintain clear water through the breakdown of organic material. Essentially, the water bacteria eliminates the material that would not be normally in the water, like leaves or waste from fish.

If the rock was not in the water, then there would be no place for the bacteria to call home. Plus, when there is no maintenance from the bacteria, then the material would continue to accumulate. Having a stable water garden ecosystem will keep the water garden well balanced.

Rock Improves the Water Garden Aesthetics

It goes without saying that the aesthetics of a water garden will be improved by adding rock. Plus, the landscaping will also have a nice improvement. It is for this that the water garden aesthetics will be improved.

By implementing perfect sized rocks and boulders, the water garden habitat will appear natural. You can get inspiration from the national parks and the way the rock formations have occurred naturally.

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Adding rock provides many opportunities to have your water garden looking good. Regardless of how much rock is needed, our team of professionals are able to provide the rock that best suits your needs. Give us a call today to find out how.


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