What Are the Different Types of Natural Stone

Natural stone comes in a variety of types and they all have features that make them unique from each other. This is why it is important to do your research regarding natural stone before you decide to implement it into your landscaping.

With basalts, you get a rock that is the most commonly used. Their colors range from black to grey and consist of small particles. Sometimes the stone has tiny holes and because of its design and tones, this rock type is very popular for use in all types of uses.


Being igneous in nature, granite gets formed through the magma that is in the crust of the earth. Generally speaking, granite is a combination of both feldspar and quartz, which makes it easily resist chipping, scratching, and heat. With a low amount of pores, granite is perfect for any type of project around the house.


With similarities to granite, quartzite can be considered stronger than granite in a few of its features. Quartzite has many uses for both indoors and outdoors and will be determined by what you desire in colors as well as the designs that appear like marble but with the granite hardness.


This sedimentary stone is made up of calcite and is normally made using a sharp edge, with many of them not being able to be polished because of them being so delicate. Normally, limestone comes in different colors such as gray, ivory, and brown and it is not very hard.

Marble Stone

Known as a metamorphic rock, marble is formed when limestone becomes pressurized with heat through metamorphism. At its beginning, marble is soft and can be damaged. It contains calcite and several other material such as a variety of minerals like graphite, micas, clay, iron oxides, and quartz.

Onyx Stone

Onyx has very fine veins and grain that runs together. The stone is clear and highly recognized by those who live a luxurious lifestyle and often results in a finish that is polished in order for its patterns and colors to be visible.

Semi-precious Stone

These stones consist of slabs that get incorporated to produce a beautiful display involving quartz, fossils, petrified wood, and amethyst. The slabs are used in a large arrangement and are as thick as 30mm, which involve resin material so that they can be fabricated easily.

Travertine Stone

As a banded stone, travertine is a more compact version of a limestone, which is signified by the variety of holes that the stone contains. The available colors also vary and can range from toffee, gold, grey, silver, and coral red.

In conclusion

With so many types of natural stone available, it is safe to say that you got options in what they can be used for. With projects ranging from commercial use to homeowner´s use, you will love the way the project turns out once complete.


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