What are Irregular shaped paver stones used for?

Regardless of the type of paver you use for your yard or landscaping, they are able to bring out the best in your retaining wall, path, or driveway.  However, when you incorporate an irregular shaped paver stone, you are able to achieve much more than you think when you incorporate the ideas below.

Create a Center of Attention

Your driveway no longer needs to be a typical spot to park vehicles. By incorporating irregular shaped pavers, you will be able to develop an area that others can concentrate their attention on. When an area can be concentrated on it can easily create its own style and uniqueness.

Reproduce Existing Segments

Your irregular pavers allow for simplicity at the entryways and give an appearance of belonging. To pull it off you need to ensure that the segments you use are strong so that they provide the best effect.

Give Areas a Good Blend of Irregular Pavers

The walkway you create with an irregular paver is a beautiful addition. However, there are many areas of the landscaping that can benefit from the irregular pavers. The good thing with irregular pavers is that there will not be any area that looks identical.

Incorporate the Natural Grass

When laying the irregular pavers, you can incorporate the natural grass as part of the design. The grass will provide a natural addition to the driveway or pathway. You will also enjoy the visuals as it can offer charm to any type of home. You will also see a less amount of maintenance required as you would have to with a driveway that was concrete or asphalt.

Keep Things Contemporary

Incorporating irregular pavers are able to keep things looking contemporary. Including the pavers as a combination will provide a nice aesthetic to the landscaping. Using a bricklaying style will take your contemporary driveway design up a notch without having to make any compromise.

Make Your Path’s Remarkable

When you want to create curb appeal, adding an irregular path made of pavers is a great option that will lead to the front. By adding this path, you are able to include charm and bring lushness to the landscaping if your area is woody.

Create a Front Patio That Is Impressive

When you have a backyard patio made of irregular pavers, it would also be an impressive addition for the front. When you incorporate a front patio, the space may seem a lot bigger than it really is. If the walkway to the patio is curved, the stones can still point toward the door. This will make a more inviting entryway.

You can also achieve privacy through the use of hardscaping, which will create more depth of space.


An irregular shaped paver is able to help create an array of landscaping  designs. When introduced, the entire space can be transformed into a beautiful space that has a unique charm. If you are looking to incorporate irregular pavers into your landscaping, give us a call today to make it happen.


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