Weed Growth Prevention for Paving Stone Projects

So you are planning to build a paving stone patio: Have you taken measures to prevent weed growth? Hopefully an expert at a paving stone distributor warned you about the possibility of weeds sprouting between the pavers in your brand new pathway. Talk to someone at the Long Island, New York location of Island Block & Masonry Supply to find out how to eliminate the possibility of weeds growing in the joints of your interlocking pavers. We offer our top-notch products, such as Cambridge and Nicolock pavers to the entire tri-state area. Call us at 443-4521 for a free custom quote.

Weeding is not something you want to worry about once you have laid the last paver down on your brand new paving stone walkway, patio, or other project. Contrary to what most people might think, weeds don’t actually grow from the bottom up, at least when it comes to pavers.

The sand between the pavers may wash away, which allows seedlings to get in there and begin to grow, leading to unwanted greenery between each paver, in the “joints.” If you install pavers properly, it’s harder for weeds to find a place to grow- although they are very good at that.

What are some ways to prevent weed growth between pavers?

Your patio, walkway, path or other project should be slightly sloped, in order to allow for water drainage when it rains. Since weeds seek exactly the environment the paver joints provide, it’s important there aren’t areas on your patio that water can collect and pool, which encourages weed growth.

Sweeping the stones. Anything you can do that will prevent seedlings from settling will help. Brushing the stones on a regular basis will disrupt new weeds and sweep away seedlings.

But, what if weeds have already begun sprouting?

Carefully pull up any large weeds that have grown in between the pavers. The larger the weeds, the harder they are to remove using water pressure, so it’s easiest to pull them up yourself.
For the smaller weeds: Use flowing water to remove seedlings and “rooting zones” from the paver joints. Do this carefully so as not to disturb the bedding layer beneath the paving stones.

Remember, that certain sands will help prevent weeds from sprouting so be sure to consult with an expert at Island Block & Masonry Supply to determine the best products for your particular project.


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