Using Pavers in Unexpected Places Around Your Home

If you’ve looked into using pavers for projects around the home, you’ve probably noticed that many of them are similar: patios, sidewalks, and driveways are pretty common projects. Even things such as fire pits, planters, and retaining walls aren’t that unusual or unexpected. But what if you want to get really creative with pavers? Here are a few unexpected places around the home where you can use pavers.

Create Steps

Stepping up becomes more difficult as you age, especially if you have joint complications or have limited mobility. If your garage has a step up into the house, you may find it somewhat difficult to always make that step comfortably. Your back steps may also be a little steeper than you prefer. You can use long pavers to build an extra step or two so it’s easier to get up and down. You may need to use cement to join the pavers so they don’t slide or move.

Build a Mailbox

Love the look of those brick or stone-encased mailboxes? You can use small pavers to achieve the same look. Stacked pavers can be used to build the base of a mailbox. You can even use them to create a little flowerbed around the bottom, too. Again, be sure to cement them together so they don’t fall!

Indoor Flower Stands

If you have a lot of flowers and plants indoors that sit directly on the floor, you may want something between the pots and the carpet just in case water leaks out. Using pavers can provide that protection and create a unique little bit of extra color and texture in a room. You could even go crazy and build a large indoor planter for your sunroom or screened-in porch if you wanted to.

Build a Hearth

Want to make your fireplace hearth look a little different? You can build it out of pavers and make any pattern or shape you want. Just be sure you do seal up the spaces between the pavers so there’s no worries about stray sparks or ash getting down in between them.

These are just a few different ways you can use pavers around the house that are a little different from normal. Want some other ideas? Contact the paver experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply.


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