Use Paving Stones to Create Unique Curb Appeal

There are tons of variations in paving stones shape, size, texture, color and other attributes that make this material a great choice for all types of outdoor projects.

Regardless of your style, Island Block & Masonry Supply has the products you require for a DIY or full installation, and our experts have the experience and know-how to help you produce your paving stones project.

We discussed in our last blog that there are no “rules” for pavers. We’re continuing the creative streak with even more ideas for how to make your paving stone project the most unique one yet.

Break the pattern. Lay large pavers in different directions. For a walkway, start it in front of the house, have it lead guests into a space and continue from there. Laying one horizontal and another vertical helps creates visual interest and gives a different vibe than a more conventionally orderly paver layout.

Pavers and green. Some may prefer their backyard to be nothing but grass, they prefer the more natural elements. However, when you also want a lounge chair or a table, grass only backyards can be tricky. By laying pavers at certain points with grass in between, you can enjoy the best of both worlds- being able to feel the grass beneath your toes when you want it, and steadying furniture when you want to kick back and relax.

Another “pavers among the grass” is placing a few here and there, with one or more offshoots of the original path. By creating more than one option for walking the property- whether a path leads to the pool, another to the fire pit and another to the shed- you make the space that much more intriguing and throw in a little fun.

Sometimes homeowners may not have a green thumb and they can’t even keep their grass alive! It helps to take things as they come and go with the flow. Cover sparse areas with large block pavers in a patio shape or freestyle and put the blocks where needed only. You can even fill in the crevices with gravel.

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