Types of Pavers Used As Stepping Stones

When you want your landscaping to become functional, the stepping stone paver is able to provide the right amount of functionality. This allows you to enhance a garden’s overall appeal. These pavers also assist in establishing garden areas and pathways. Having a multitude of paver stepping stones also helps you to find the perfect paver that suits both design and character.

Stepping Stone Pavers Using Natural Stone

When your stepping stone pavers are natural stone, your stepping stones can consist of flagstone, granite, slate, or sandstone. This will provide your landscaping with an overall  naturalness. The natural paver stone is usually thin but able to maintain its natural color and shape. The natural stepping stone pavers may also be designed as many unique shapes that can be aligned against their edges along a pathway or incorporate a group to have a sizable stepper created.

The Decorative Stepping Stone Paver

A stepping stone paver used for decorative purposes is able to provide a greater amount of style and color variations. These pavers usually make up concrete or brick and can be square or round in shape. In order for a paver to be developed with brick, it is best to lay them together as a square shape through patterns that are straight.

With concrete, you are able to bring a high level of creativity that will set your landscape apart from others. This can be accomplished through designs being imprinted into the concrete.

Synthetic Stepping Stone Pavers

A synthetic stepping stone paver  is a great way to be eco-friendly and practical at the same time. Although they are different from other pavers, they are able to bring their own level of uniqueness through the various colors and shapes they offer. A synthetic paver incorporates a soft way to step across grass and will not cause any slipping to occur. This non-slip characteristic allows them to be the perfect addition to  landscaping that involves water.


When you are planning to incorporate pavers as stepping stones, it is great to know that you have options. Having options will allow you to design your landscaping around the stepping stones. You are also able to mix the pavers around to give your landscape a unique touch. When you are ready to design your pavers into the best stepping stones, get a hold of us and we will get your paver project underway.


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