Turn Your Patio into an Outdoor Man Cave

Want a man cave but don’t have the spare room indoors? How about transforming your paver patio into an outdoor man cave. The point of a man cave isn’t its location, it’s what you do there. You can certain hang out with the guy and have a lot of fun outdoors. Here are a few ways you can make your paver patio into the perfect hangout space.

Mount an Exterior TV

If your activities include watching the game, you’ll certain want an outdoor TV. It will need to be protected, of course, so you will need a patio cover or even a built-in shade. You can add a pergola or a gazebo to your paver patio to provide this protection and to give you something to mount the TV on. You can also add a roof to your patio that is attached to your home, which makes it a little more stable. It all depends on the size and positioning of your patio.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

You need some place to keep your drinks cold, so why not add an entire outdoor kitchen? This way, you can enjoy the game, your cold beverages, and even grill some steaks or burgers at the same time. Your outdoor kitchen can be created using pavers along with a few other materials (cabinets, shade, etc.). It’s a little more work than putting in a patio, but you can do it with a little research and help.

Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit is something you can’t have in an indoor man cave, but it can certainly form the centerpiece of your patio. This gives you a focal point and helps orient the space. When you combine it with your outdoor kitchen, you’ve got the perfect place to sit and talk while you eat. Alternatively, you could build an outdoor fireplace along one side of the patio. Either way, it provides warmth, light, and draws the eye.

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