Top Tips for a Problem-Free DIY Paver Patio

We may be the experts when it comes to all things paving stone-related, but as many of you may know, you can find a wealth of inspiration and information online on sites like Pinterest and numerous other social media platforms. We encourage residents of the tri-state area to contact us here at Island Block & Masonry Supply with all of their questions, whether they need help with a DIY project and want product suggestions, or would like us to help them plan and implement their project from beginning to end.

In Part I of our Do It Yourself Project Tips blog, we shared a plan that would help DIY-oriented folks begin to strategize and start working on their paver patio projects. In the second installment, we shared three more helpful tips for DIY paving stone patio projects, including: take exact measurements, dig deep to allow room for foundation and paver, and load modified stone and paving stones into the ground as a border “wall.”

If you feel you need to get a professional opinion on something at any point during your DIY journey, the experts at Long Island’s Island Block & Masonry Supply are here to help! Visit us at our Long Island location or call 631-443-4521.

Now we’ll share general tips to help you build a patio that lasts throughout the years without sinking, separating or incurring other structural damage due to poor planning and implementation.

Overall DIY Paving Stone Patio Tips and Tricks

  • Tamp your paver patio border wall, and then tamp it again. The more solid your foundation, the more likely it won’t sink. For those of us who are unfamiliar with tamping, it basically just means to pat the base down firmly over and over again- to pack it.
  • Rent a plate compactor to tamp the modified stone.
  • Level every paver brick. Yes, every one. The best way to make adjustments is to use a rubber mallet.
  • Always build the border wall first, that is the outline of the patio or other paver project.
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