Tips for Updating Your Current Paver Patio

Is your paver patio in need of an update? Over the years, your patio may become damaged, dirty, or begin to look a little on the dull side. Your style may also change over time, and you might decide that your patio no longer reflects this new style. If you want to give your paver patio an update, there are some quick and easy things you can do that, don’t require taking up all the pavers and replacing them.

Replace Some Pavers

One way to make your patio look different is to replace some of the pavers with new ones that are a different color. You could replace every third paver with a new one, or randomly change them up. It all depends on what you like.

Add an Outside Row

You could also select some new pavers to make a border around your patio. These pavers could be any size, shape, or color. If you have a square patio, you could look for half-circle pavers to make a fun outline, or you could do with pavers that are half the size and a much lighter color than the ones used in the patio.

Change the Patio Furniture

Sometimes updating your paver patio doesn’t actually mean you need to do anything to the pavers. Instead, changing up the patio furniture can do it. You may not even need to get new furniture—just swap out the cushions. If you are changing up everything on your patio, take the time to power wash the pavers before moving in the new furniture. Getting rid of years of built-up grime can make the pavers look brand new.

Build a Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit made out of pavers to your patio can create a focal point. You can arrange your furniture around the pit to create a cozy area to relax. The fire pit becomes the anchor of the space, helping you see how to arrange everything around it. You could do the same with an outdoor fireplace. You can use the same pavers as the patio, or you can use a complimentary color if you want the fire pit to really stand out.

Have Questions About Pavers?

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