Tips for Making Your Patio Unique

Do you want to add a patio to your backyard, but don’t want it to look like everyone else’s? There are a number of ways to use pavers to make your patio unique. Some people believe using pavers is more difficult and more costly than cement, but that’s not the case. Pavers have a number of advantages over pavement, including how they can make your space unique and different.

You Can Mix and Match

Since every paver is placed individually, each paver can be unique. You can mix and match many different paver styles, sizes, and looks. You can be subtle—make a border around the patio using a different colored paver. You can also be wildly bold—mix and match pavers with no true pattern or theme. The result may be amazing, and it will certainly be different. Let your creativity go wild here. Remember, if you don’t like it, you can always remove the pavers and replace them later.

Build in Seating and a Fire Pit

Pavers can also be used to create built-in seating and even a permanent fire pit. These two features not only make your patio look different, they also have practical uses. You can design your fire pit to look like anything you want. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a square or circle. You could even do a full on outdoor fireplace if you wanted. Again, don’t feel like you have to use pavers that are identical to the ones used in your patio. Using a paver that compliments your patio will make your other items pop.

Don’t Be a Square (or Rectangle)

Yes, it’s easy to make your patio a perfect square or rectangle, but pavers can be used to do other shapes and styles, too. You can make the edge of your patio wavy or curved. You can even cut pavers to create all sorts of interesting designs that are unique to your patio.

Need Some Ideas?

Want to make your party unique, but aren’t sure where to really start? The experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply can give you some ideas. Contact us today to discuss your patio plans.


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