Tips for Maintaining Your Paver Driveway

A paver driveway is often unique and eye-catching, and it’s just as durable as using concrete. However, like any paver structure, you do need to maintain your driveway to ensure that it continues to function as it should. Here are a few maintenance tips that will keep your paver driveway looking great and remaining durable.

Clean It

Few people think about cleaning off their concrete driveway, but they really should. The same is true for a driveway made out of pavers. If you allow debris, oil, and other things to build up on the pavers, it can lead to damage. You don’t necessarily need to sweep your driveway every day or even every week, but you should make it a point to do so monthly. Take the time to sweep off any debris or, if it’s warm enough, use the garden hose to wash debris away. If you notice any oil or other fluids from your vehicles on the pavers, clean them up as soon as you can.

Replace Broken Pavers

One of the benefits of a paver driveway over a concrete one is that if pavers get broken, you can simply replace them. If your concrete driveway begins cracking, often the only way to repair it is to tear up the entire driveway and pour a new one. If you notice that one of your pavers is cracked or broken, you need to replace it as soon as you can. Broken pavers do affect the overall structural quality of the driveway, and the pavers around the broken one may soon show signs of damage if you leave the broken stone in place for too long.

Protect the Driveway

If you’re going to change your oil with your vehicle on the driveway, take the necessary steps to protect the pavers from any drips or leaks. Likewise, if you’re going to use the driveway for anything that could potentially damage the stones or cause fluids to get on them, take precautions. It’s safe to wash your car, but be careful doing anything that involves chemicals without putting down a drop cloth or tarp first.

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