Tips for Giving Your Patio a Refresh for the Summer

Summer is here, and if you have a paver patio, you’re likely spending a good amount of time using it. While your patio may be in good shape, there are a few things you can do to give it a refresh for the summer. This will make the space look great and increase the lifespan of the pavers.

Power Wash Them

The first step to giving your paver patio a refresh is to power wash away all the built-up dirt, debris, and other gunk that has accumulated over the winter. Power washing will bring back the color to your pavers and make the space look great. Pavers are very durable, so don’t worry about damaging them. Unless the pavers are already fragile due to other damage, power washing won’t do anything.

Check for Damage

However, while power washing may not cause any damage, it’s possible other things have. If water worked its way into any small cracks in the pavers and then froze, those cracks likely expanded. You may find that this has caused damage to some of your pavers, so you may need to remove and replace them.

Clean Up the Surrounding Space

While your paver patio may look great now that it’s been washed and repairs have been done, remember that it doesn’t exist in a vacuum. What does the surrounding area look like? You may want to clean out the flowerbeds that border the patio or make repairs to the fence that runs alongside it. You want to make sure your entire backyard looks great so you’re ready to have fun this summer.

Repair or Replace Accessories

How does your patio furniture look? If it’s starting to show its age, it might be time to replace some or all of it. This will also go a long way to making your patio look great. Even if you don’t want to replace the furniture, you can give the space a refresh by changing out the cushions and pillows. A new umbrella, if you have one, can also go a long way to changing how everything looks. Remember, just because it’s outside doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little interior design to the space!

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