Tips for Creating a Great Edge Around Your Paver Patio

You don’t have to put any sort of edge around your paver patio, but there are a few reasons why you should. First, edges help keep your pavers from shifting. Over time, they will start to drift outward if you don’t have an edge to keep them in. Second, it’s a great way of adding a cool decorative border to your space. There are a few different methods you can use to create a cool border.

Material Options

Many people pick up paver edge restraints. These edge restraints come in a roll that can be cut where needed so you can perfectly measure out the length of your edge piece. The material is flexible, too, so it can easily be curved where needed. You cut the material to the length you need and tap in spikes every so often to hold it into the ground. It’s installed very low to the ground, too, so you likely won’t even see it once it’s in.

You can also use concrete. Simply create a small trench around the patio and pour some cement into it. However, unlike edge material, this does make a more permanent edge. If you want to change the shape of your patio later, you’ll have to chip the concrete out. It may also crack and crumble away over time.

Making the Edge Look Great

Here are a few tips for making the edge of your patio look amazing:

  • Run pavers the opposite way before using your edging material. If you’ve been running your pavers horizontal for the patio, do the outer row with the pavers vertical. This makes a decorative outer edge and helps keep the inner pavers from moving. You still need an edge material or concrete to hold these outer pavers in place, though.
  • Plant flowers or bushes around the outside of the patio to make a natural looking edge and hide any edging material that stick up.
  • Don’t be afraid to use different colored pavers for the outer border. You can also use different sized pavers. Create something that stands out.

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