Thinking About the Outdoors?

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Thinking About the Outdoors?

If you’re tired of being stuck inside, we understand. But don’t fret. Spring is just around the corner, and visions of outdoor living should already be in your head. Speaking of the Exterior Remodeling | Clay and Brick Products | Nassau | Suffolk | Long Islandoutdoors, maybe you’ve also thought about improving the appearance of your home’s exterior, or even doing some resurfacing and modernizing of those pool or patio areas. Well, here’s a thought. In case you don’t already know, Island Block & Masonry Supply is more than just stone. Or masonry. We’re people who care about what you need for for your upcoming interior or exterior ideas. We’re commercial specialists, too. For over 65 years, Island Block & Masonry Supply has handled all types of projects. Island Block is able to create or buy many of our masonry materials from local suppliers, saving time and money. Plus, we have over 10 acres of existing inventory on Long Island.

Wow, there are so many choices. As a quality and leading manufacturer of concrete block and distributor of masonry and landscape materials, Island Block & Masonry Supply can guide you into the right choices in advance of the upcoming spring season. Our products range from basic components such as block, sand, gravel, cement, and reinforcing steel to one of the largest collections of clay brick, concrete paving stones, manufactured stone, and natural stone to be found anywhere on Long Island. There are also probably lots of choices you aren’t aware of. Thin veneer panels, for example. Thin stone veneer panels are really nice. And very practical. That’s why Island Block & Masonry only carries the very best products, including the distinctive Realstonesystems line of superior and lightweight natural stone veneer panels. You’ll experience the beauty and durability of real stone without the installation hassle and sheer weight of real stone. It’s the best of both worlds! And it’s another reason why Island Block & Masonry can deliver the best stone solutions on Long Island and in the five boroughs.

It’s all here! What’s your need? We can do it…All projects large and small. Because of our strong relationship with suppliers, we can find any style you are looking for to meet your Residential or Business Needs. Island Block can be reached at (631) 643-6000 or


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