Summer Patio Projects

Summer is here, and there’s no better time to spruce up your patio. You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the gorgeous weather, so why not do something to transform your patio into an amazing space? There are a number of fairly short and easy summer patio projects you can undertake. Many of them can be done in a weekend, too.

Put in a Fire Pit

A fire pit makes for a great focal point for your outdoor space. While you can buy cheap metal fire pits at many places, you do get what you pay for. Those fire pits are often unattractive and won’t hold up during bad weather. A better option that also boosts your home’s value is to add a built-in fire pit using pavers. You can often use the same pavers you used on your patio to make your fire pit, too. Once finished, your new fire pit will hold up to the elements and provide you with a warm, cozy place to relax.

Add a New Retaining Wall

A retaining wall doesn’t have to necessarily hold back water or soil. Some people install short retaining walls around their garden or patio simply for decoration or to separate one space from another. A retaining wall can be used to create seating, too, or can form the side of a raised flowerbed. Adding one of these short walls around your patio is one way of creating a defined outdoor entertaining area, and it doesn’t take that much work. Just like the fire pit, you can often use the same style of pavers as you did on the patio to create a single, integrated look.

Create Flowerbeds

Even if you don’t want a full retaining wall, you can still use pavers to create defined flowerbeds. These can be ground-level and defined by a ledge that’s only a few pavers high or a raised bed that’s several feet off the ground. You can use these flowerbeds to add a splash of color to your backyard or even to grow your own vegetables.

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