Small Finishing Touches that Complete Your Outdoor Living Area

Do you have an outdoor living area that feels almost complete, but still seems to be missing something? Having the perfect outdoor area for entertaining, hanging out, and simply enjoying can be great for those lovely days, but first you have to add a few small touches to make it feel like it’s really your space. Here are a few small finishing touches you can add that may make your outdoor space feel finished.

Determine Your Focal Point

What’s the main feature of your outdoor space? If you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace, that maybe all you have. Arrange your patio furniture so that everything revolves around the fire pit or faces the fireplace. If you don’t have one of these things, you could add one. You could also use your outdoor table as the focal point. This will help draw people’s eye to one area and give the space a sense of direction and purpose.

Add a Few Outdoor Pillows

If your space seems to need a pop of color, a few pillows or cushions made from fabric designed for outdoor use may be just what you need. You don’t necessarily have to add more chairs, either. You can put cushions on a short retaining wall to make it a seating area or even add some directly on the ground for the kids to sit on.

Add Containers

Another way of adding some pops of color is to add some containers for flowers. You can find pots in many different colors, plus the flowers themselves will add vibrant hues to the space while they’re in bloom. You could even start a container garden and add some homegrown vegetables to your next barbeque.

Decorate the Walls

Many people don’t think about decorating the exterior of their home, but you can. You can add some window boxes, decorative shutters, and even wooden signs and other items to the part of your home that runs along your outdoor living space. This gives you another place to add color and other things that really speak to your personality and likes.

Want to do something a little bigger to your space? We can help you with retaining walls, fire pits, and even a full outdoor kitchen. Contact Island Block & Masonry Support today to learn more about these fun additions to your outdoor living area.


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