Signs Your Paver Patio Needs Repaired or Replaced

While pavers can stand up to a lot of wear and tear, they’re not indestructible. The time will come when you notice that your paver patio has started showing its age. When you start seeing these signs, it’s time to determine if you’re going to repair or replace the patio. Switching out damaged pavers is often the easiest solution, but there are times when replacing everything may be the better way to go. Either way, here are some of the signs that indicate your paver patio is in need of some attention.

You See Cracks and Chips in the Pavers

Pavers can withstand a lot, but they can still crack. If you drop something very heavy on a paver, it’s likely to at least chip the stone if not break it. Water can also seep into small cracks. During the winter, if this water freezes, it will expand and make the crack worse. When enough pavers crack or chip, it’s going to make the space look worn.

The Patio Becomes Uneven

Over time, it’s possible for the ground underneath your patio to shift, even if you very carefully leveled it out before you installed the pavers. This will make the patio uneven and can present a tripping hazard. When this occurs, you may have to remove so many pavers to re-level the ground that it’s easier to take the entire patio out. You may also need to investigate what caused the ground to become uneven and deal with that problem, too.

The Patio Holds Water when it Rains

Your patio should have been installed with a very, very slight slope to it. This helps the rainwater run off the stones. However, if you notice that parts of the patio are holding water, it’s a sign that the ground has sunk. This water could sit on the pavers for days, causing a number of problems. If the water is near your house, it could even cause problems with the structure or foundation. Standing water is a serious issue that you need to deal with quickly.

Need Help?

These are just a few signs that show your paver patio needs repairs or replacement. If you’re not sure which is the best option, the experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply can help. Contact us today with your questions.


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