Should You Reuse Pavers?

If you’re thinking about putting down a paver patio and already have some pavers from a previous project, so you use them again for this one? If you decide to move your paver patio or walkway, do you need to buy all new pavers, or can you use the leftover ones? There are a few different things you need to consider before you decide if you’re going to reuse your pavers or if you need to invest in some new ones.

How Old Are the Pavers?

If your pavers aren’t very old, they’re likely still in good condition and can easily be reused. You will still want to check every paver as you remove it to make certain there aren’t any cracks, chips, or other damage to it. Pay close attention to the bottom of the paver, since that’s the area you don’t see often. Normally the bottoms are more protected than the tops of the stone, but you still want to make certain they’re in good shape.

What Condition Are the Pavers in?

Pavers that have some cracks or chips in them probably need to be replaced. Those with cracks certainly do because they can become more and more damaged as time goes on. Pavers with chips, especially small chips, may be fine to reuse. However, if you want your new paver project to look immaculate, you may want to replace these chipped stones, too.

Another thing to consider is the condition of the paver’s coloring. Pavers can fade over time, especially if they’re in direct sunlight. Even if you think the pavers look fine, if your project is going to require you to purchase additional pavers to complete, check what a new paver looks like next to your old ones. You may find that there’s more of a color discrepancy than you thought, so you may end up replacing everything.

Can You Find the Same Pavers?

If your project is going to require more pavers than what you have, check to see if the pavers you used are even still available. If you put them in years ago, you may find that they aren’t. You then have to decide if you want to start over or if you want to mix in some other style of paver with your reused stones.

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