Preventing Weeds from Growing Between Pavers

While pavers have many advantages over concrete, one of their downsides is that weeds can grow up between the stones if you aren’t careful. This is why it’s important that you take steps to prevent this from happening. When weeds grow between your pavers, not only does it affect how your patio looks, but it can also cause damage. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that weeds cannot grow up between the stones.

Preventing Weeds Starts with Properly Installing the Patio

If you properly install your patio, it shouldn’t have a lot of weeds growing in it at all. The first thing you should do is put down a weed barrier before you place down your pavers. Next, create a tightly packed sand bed on top of the barrier. This helps create a level base for the patio and also helps prevent weeds from growing. Finally, after the pavers are in place, sweep sand into the spaces between the pavers. You can always put down a layer of concrete to hold the pavers in place or even put concrete between them, but that makes it difficult to change up the pavers later.

Another important installation tip is to make certain that your patio has a slight slope to it so that water will run off. Weeds need water to thrive, and they love soil that is cool and damp. If your patio is sloped correctly, water will run off it into your yard, denying weeds the environment they want. This also helps protect your home. If the patio doesn’t slope correctly or slopes back towards your house, water may stand on the pavers or against the side of the building. This can lead to mold and other water damage.

Keep Your Patio Clean

Before weeds can begin to grow in between your pavers, they have to work their way into the sand. By keeping your patio clean, you can prevent these seeds from taking root. Sweep the space or wash it off with your garden hose regularly to ensure that the seeds are removed. This also helps keep your patio looking nice and can prevent other types of damage to the pavers by removing debris.

Remove Any Weeds You See

Quickly remove any weeds you do see growing in your patio. Pull them up, roots and all, to prevent them from growing back. Using a weed whacker or pushing the mower over your patio may be tempting, but this rarely gets the roots out. You can use weed killer, but there are friendlier options that will not harm the pavers, your pets, or your children. For example, using a mixture of water and white vinegar will kill weeds without having any negative effects. Just be certain you don’t get this mixture on your flowers because it can kill them, too. However, it shouldn’t damage your pavers at all.

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