Preparing Your Paver Patio for Cool Weather

When the weather starts to turn cooler, it’s time to winterize parts of your home. One area that some people forget to pay attention to is their paver patio. While it’s true that pavers are quite durable and will handle the cold without too many issues, it’s also true that there are things you can do to keep your pavers looking great and extend their lifespan. Here are a few ways you should prepare your paver patio for the coming winter.

Clean Off Debris

Leaves, dirt, and other debris can get buried underneath snow and ice, which can lead to damage to your pavers. Remove all of this debris will help keep your pavers looking great. All it usually takes is a rake and a broom to have your pavers debris-free. If you really want to give them a thorough cleaning, you could power wash your paver patio, but that’s not a requirement.

Make Repairs

Do you have a cracked paver or two? While you may want to put off replacing these broken pavers until the spring, that can actually lead to more damage. Water can work its way into the cracks in these stones and then freeze, widening the crack and even pushing parts of the paver up against other pavers. It’s best to replace these damaged pavers now so there’s no additional damage over winter.

You may also need to add more joint sand to your paver patio. This joint sand is swept in between the stones and helps hold them together while preventing moisture from getting down in between and under the pavers. If your sand level looks a little on the low side, go ahead and add more joint sand now instead of waiting for the spring.

Remove Heavy Patio Furniture

During the winter, the ground can go through cycles of freezing and then thawing, during which time the melting snow and ice seeps into the soil. This can lead to the pavers sinking a bit into the ground, especially if heavy furniture sits on top of them. This will lead to your patio becoming uneven, and the only way to fix that is to remove the sunken pavers and build up the soil underneath them. You can usually avoid such a project by putting your grill, furniture, umbrella stand, and other heavier items in the garage or shed for the winter. This also protects those items from the ice and snow.

Need More Tips?

If you want more tips and ideas for keeping your patio clean and safe during the winter, contact the paver experts at Island Block & Masonry Supply.


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