Preparing for Paver Installation

New pavers can give your outdoor space the refresh you need before the summer entertaining months begin. However, getting a new space you’re proud to show off takes proper care and planning.

To help ensure your pavers are laid properly, here are a few steps to take before installation.

1. Create a sturdy base. 

A sturdy base ensures your new pavers are laid evenly and will last long. It’s especially crucial if you’re using pavers to create a new patio. When installing a patio, you’ll need to excavate between 8″ and 12″.

2. Make it even. 

Use concrete sand to establish an even layer before you place your pavers. This can improve the look of your pavers and reduce trips.

3. Use Edging

Edging helps to keep your pavers in place. This can improve the look of your paver patio while also improving its performance.

4. Finish the Joints 

Once your pavers are in place, you’ll want to fill in the open spaces with joint sand. This and creates a more comprehensive look and completes the paver project.

5. Brush up on proper maintenance 

Pavers are easy to care for, but you’ll still want to be prepared to maintain your new outdoor space. Usually, all you need is a broom and some water to keep your new paver space well maintained. However, you can also use a pressure washer to remove stains.

6. Keep Extra Paver Pieces 

Sometimes pavers can crack or chip. To keep your patio looking beautiful, keep some extra pieces around so that you can swap out any damaged paver pieces quickly.

Using Pavers to Create Your Outdoor Space 

Pavers are an excellent option when looking to create a patio, driveway, or walkway. However, to ensure you’re creating something that is long-lasting and beautiful, you’ll want to work with a professional. A professional can reduce stress and guarantee a great finished project.

Island Block & Masonry Supply can happily help you create a new path or patio using paver stones. We proudly help individuals throughout the Tri State Area create the outdoor space of their dreams. If you’re ready to talk about your next project, give us a call at 631.443.4521.


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